Cycling tips: the best advice you’ll ever need

Needless to say, we all love cycling for its enormous health benefits. And to help you get the most out of each session, here our top cycling tips that you’ll ever need.

Never go out without a helmet

Protecting your head should be your first priority as cycling without a proper helmet can be really dangerous. Moreover, today helmets are becoming more and more comfortable and lightweight, so you’re prompted to have a good practicing session.

With just simple protection, you can save yourself from unwanted injuries even life-threatening ones. Hence, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t wear a helmet.

Spend your money on a good bib short

Since you’ll be working your legs a lot more than other body parts, your cycling pants must be extremely comfortable and durable. Usually, a high-quality bob short is preferred for most cycling activities. The breathable fabrics help reducing sweat as well as regulate your body temperature, allowing for better performance.

Choosing a suitable cycling jacket

How to choose a cycling jacket? This is always one of the most asked questions when it comes to outdoor cycling, since cycling jacket is extremely useful for cycling, especially during the winter months.

The most important factor when choosing a cycling jacket should be fabric. You should aim for high-quality products that deliver both waterproof as well as breathability. Many cycling jackets come with nano-sized holes that prevent the water from penetrating while allowing body heat to escape through there. They are the type of jacket that you would want to wear.
Keep in mind that they’ll still be damp during heaving sessions, but you’ll feel a lot better compared to wearing a normal nylon jacket.

Remember to clean your bike frequently

I’ve always maintained a habit of cleaning my bike right after I go out for a ride. Not just because frequent maintenances make your bike last longer, but it is also the best time to clean it. If you leave your bike exposed to dirt for an extended amount of time, it’ll become harder to clean. Not to mention that the excess water can seriously damage the metal parts.

Check the components before going out

One of the few things that most bikers forgot to do before going out for a cycling session is making sure that their bike is working properly. And it could be quite dangerous if you don’t do it. You need to check on the wheels, handles, and breaks to ensure that they still function properly.

Protect your hands with cycling gloves

During the winter month when the weather can get below 0o C, biking without a good pair of gloves is such a torture. The freezing cold will make your fingers go numb and unable to have a good grip. Moreover, during wet conditions, the water on the handle can make it difficult to control your bike.

That being said, having a good pair of cycling gloves is always essential. You should go for waterproof and windproof gloves since they offer the best features for cycling. On top of that, make sure the gloves come with a reinforced grip for more secure biking experiences.

Make yourself visible

Cycling in the night can be quite dangerous due to the lack of visibility. Hence, we don’t recommend you do it after sunset. But if you have to, just make sure you equip your bike with reflective accessories so that drivers can see you. Moreover, bright and shiny LED lights are also useful when signaling drivers about your presence.
And even when riding during the day, you can wear clothes with catchy colors. Usually, colors that are different from your surrounding should be the best options.

Keep yourself hydrated

Long and stressing practices will make you sweat a lot, thus you need to replenish your body with water to ensure its function. Always remember to carry with you a water bottle so that you can rehydrate at any time. You can install a water bottle cage on most bikes to make it more convenient.

Challenge yourself every day

Make plans before going out on your cycling session. You should focus on training your speed as well as your endurance. Try going for the maximum distance in a certain amount of time. You’ll improve a lot by doing this. And if you can’t go faster, try to challenge yourself by going on longer tracks. Always push yourself to exceed your limitations.

Cycling in groups

What I’ve learned through many years of cycling is that the exercise become a lot relaxing when you do it with your friends. By socializing while doing your exercises, you can shift your focus from the difficulties to the joyful experiences.

Not to mention that, when traveling in groups, you’ll tend to perform as best as you can to match their level.

Avoid bad weathers

No matter how much you love cycling, you should never go out during a stormy day. The unsupported weathers will make your training less effective, and potentially, dangerous.
However, you shouldn’t skip your practices. Instead, you can try making your own indoor cycling space to prepare for those days.