How to choose cycling gloves

A good pair of cycling gloves will provide significant benefits, making your biking session more effective. Hence, it’s important for you to select yourself a suitable pair of hand wears.
Our post will provide you with every piece of information you need regarding different types of cycling gloves. Find out all about them in the following articles.

What are cycling gloves and why you need them?

First of all, like any other types of gloves, cycling gloves are also a type of handwear. Aside from the common uses, like protecting you from cold weathers, wind, or rain; cycling gloves are also used to provide their users with a better grip and control of their vehicle.

Hence, if you don’t want to lose feelings from your fingers in winter due to frostbite, you might want to put on a pair of warm cycling gloves to protect your hands. In additions, for wet conditions, it’s always nice to keep your hands dry in your gloves.

But that’s not all about cycling gloves. The things that separate them from normal gloves is the extra padding designs and high-quality material. This provides you a better grip on your handlebar and protects your hands from fatigue. On top of that, they also come with a relatively flexible design to improve your dexterity, making it easier to control the bike.
With all the mentioned benefits, we don’t see why you shouldn’t get yourself a good pair of cycling gloves.

Different types of cycling gloves

For winter weather

During winter, your first priority when cycling outdoor is always to keep your hands protected from the freezing cold. Hence, your gloves should come with relatively thick layers of fabrics to isolate the cold. Ideally, it should be thicker at the back of the gloves since that’s where you need to pay the most attention.
The front of the gloves should be relatively thin and flexible so you can make your moves comfortably. In this case, the lobster gloves would be quite handly. By having your fingers close to each other, you can keep them warm against the freezing cold. On the other hand, you can still have a certain amount of dexterity to work on your handlebar.
Keep in mind that winter gloves are usually not very breathable. So it would be a nightmare using them in warm weathers.

For summer period

For most of the time, we would recommend you to go for the open-finger design. These gloves are relatively thin and light, making them extremely useful in hot weather. On top of that, they also come with impressive breathability, so your hands will stay dry and cool throughout your session.
However, I might rain a lot during the summer, so it would be reasonable to grab a pair of waterproof gloves. And don’t worry about the breathability, due to their thin nature, these gloves would keep your hands cool, even when they’re completely waterproofed.

Another feature that you would want to have on your cycling gloves is the absorbent pads on the back of the gloves. The reason is that when riding, we’ll sweat a lot, especially during summer. Hence, having absorbent pads on the back of the gloves make it super easy to wipe off the sweat. Not to mention that since they’re positioned on the back, they wouldn’t affect your grip either.

When riding in low-visibility conditions

Riding on the road can be quite difficult and dangerous, especially during low-visibility conditions, like fog, rain, dark, and so on. Hence, it’s wise to equip yourself a pair of colorful gloves that stand out of the surrounding environment.

In additions, having gloves with reflective material is also a good idea, especially when riding in the night when color differences don’t have too much effect. The reflective gloves would make you fairly recognizable from the opposite drivers.

Loose cuff or tight cuff

This is two common design for winter cycling gloves, which are preferred by most bikers. From my experiences, there isn’t a more superior design, it’s just a matter of preferences. Whether you like the loose cuff or tight cuff, just make sure they have the perfect fit so you can cover the gloves over your jacket or under it, respectively.

Extra paddings and insulation

This should be an indispensable feature on cycling gloves. By having extra paddings, your gloves will provide a better grip while giving your palm a better cushion. As a result, they make your cycling session a lot easier.

On the other hand, gloves with good insulation would keep your hands protected from wind and water. With this, even when you get wet, you won’t get cold. However, be mindful that products with this feature would likely to cost more than average.

A few essential features

Here are a few important features that we think every biking gloves should come with:

Matching anatomy

Extra paddings, foam, rubber, and so on. Regardless of the design, you need to make sure they match your hand anatomy. If you’re having a pair of cycling gloves that don’t fit, it would be quite uncomfortable since they can get in your way when working on the handlebar.

Additional paddings on the sides

Also, it’s always nice to have some paddings at the sides of your gloves. Since when you ride on your bike, it can get quite shaky. The paddings would relieve stress and provide a comfortable grip. And in the long run, you can protect your palm from serious injuries.

And that’s our expert opinions on how to choose cycling gloves. Make sure you look closely at the different types of cycling gloves to find the suitable ones for your need. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.